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The WBT team brings together about ten tipsters, who combine their skills to find THE TRUST OF THE DAY every day. If you only have to follow one betting tip, this is the one we recommend.


Every day, the team offers you its betting tip on its greatest trust, with a minimum odds of 1.500, on a single or multi bet of 2 matches maximum, all sports combined. Fixed stake of 3 units per bet.

Follow all the daily results of the team, our bankroll as well as all our statistics on our mobile application.


In addition to the best trust of the day, Team WBT offers each other its other bets of the day on the different opportunities of the day, according to the sports and competitions available.

With odds of minimum 1,500, on single or combined bets with a maximum of 2 matches, you can find up to 10 bets per day here.Fixed stake of 1 unit per bet.

Daily results are updated, allowing you to track all of the full bankroll stats on a daily basis


The live betting tips of the WBT team are available directly on our TELEGRAM group, and available to all. A direct link from the application allows you to follow in real time, every day, all the live predictions of the WBT Team.

Fixed stake of 1 unit per bet.

Be careful, live bets often go very quickly, so we advise you to stay on the lookout for any publication. Usually you have a few minutes to take your bets live, so stay tuned ! Follow all the live daily results of the team, our bankroll as well as all our statistics on our mobile application.


The "Sports Betting Tools" tabs offer you many useful tools for the preparation, analysis and monitoring of your sports betting. Find in order:

- Livescore: Live scores and statistics
- Sports Odds Average: Perfect tool to know the average odds of bookmakers
- Sports Odds Highest: Perfect tool to know the best bookmakers for each match
- Sports statistics: All the best sports statistics sites available to prepare your predictions
- Calculation tools: Manual calculation tool for your stakes for covers, double chances, arbitrage ...


The section offers you different kinds of media for your viewing pleasure:

- Sports Videos : Find thousands of automatically updated sports videos.

- Sports News: Access in a few clicks the biggest sports newspapers from different countries (England, USA, France, Spain, Italia)

- Sports Betting Blog : This blog allows you to discover many videos or interesting reports on the world of betting.

- Glossary of Sports Betting : Find the definition of all the terms used by bookmakers and sports bettors.

- How to play on 1xbet : Find a direct link to a Telegram channel explaining in detail how to register and play on the 1xbet bookmaker from any country.


Our team is made up of a manager, Flo, who takes care of managing the members of the WBT team, as well as 9 tipsters from different countries and recruited for their very good long-term results.


The team is therefore made up of 9 tipsters offering their best selections every day. Each is specialized in different fields, allowing a wide choice of sports represented.

We provide a service 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday, up to 10 or more predictions per day.


Dear visitors, dear subscribers,

Today, the world of sports betting is a world without mercy. Bookmakers, which are private companies, are multiplying. This means that they are the winners of the game, as are the casinos. Statistics tell us that 94% of sports bettors are losers in the long term.

You have to stop dreaming and believing all these sites and other social networks that promise you excessive gains, often at unreasonable prices, and often not presenting any concrete results.

At World Betting Tips, we don't promise you anything, we only ask you to judge us on our balance sheets, monthly and yearly, so that we can get a personal idea of ​​our results.

The only thing we can assure you is the professional quality of our platforms and the work done to find the right betting tips that will surely allow you to finally become winning bettors.

We wish you the best possible success.

Florent, World Betting Tips Manager

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